With ‘Aqua Alta,’ Artist and Designer Virgil Abloh Tackles the Problem of Climate Change in the World’s Most Famous Sinking City: Venice

Virgil Abloh, a world-renowned artist, discusses the story behind his piece “Aqua Alta” designed in the context of Venice’s rising water for our DYSFUNCTIONAL exhibit. “A lot of my work is informed by societal contexts: the idea of climate change or global warming—or this idea of the earth being this sort of precious place.” Discover more on how fundamental issues are embedded into Abloh’s art.

Three Artists and Designers Tell Us What Carpenters Workshop Gallery’s ‘DYSFUNCTIONAL’ Exhibition Means to Them

Three of the world-renowned artistic contributors to DYSFUNCTIONAL, Nacho Carbonell, Michèle Lamy and Studio Drift open up on the creative inspiration behind their works of art for the resplendent Ca’ d’Oro Palazzo in Venice. Carbonell takes the viewer on a mesmorising walk through a forest, Studio Drift explores the never-ending fragility and cycle of life and Lamy takes to the boxing ring to make a statement. Discover more here.


Carpenters Workshop Gallery, in partnership with the Lombard Odier Group, are proud to present DYSFUNCTIONAL at Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Palazzo Ca’ d’Oro on the Grand Canal during the venice Biennale Arte 2019.

The exhibition will present works by established and rising artists seeking to break the thin boundaries between art, architecture and design. The site-specific works combine extraordinary craftsmanship with strong artistic and emotional expression.

As DYSFUNCTIONAL seeks to interrogate everyday conceptions of art, design and function, this collaboration between Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Lombard Odier is truly a meeting of minds and of purpose.



Ca’d’Oro is one of the oldest Palazzos in Venice. And it tells a tale of history and avant-garde thinking. Dating from 1428, it is a unique example of Venetian Gothic architecture. Its masterpieces include Andrea Mantegna’s St Sebastian, Jan van Eyck’s Crucifixion and Bernini’s Rio della Plata, a terracotta model for his Fountain of the Four Rivers in Rome.

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The Artists

Twenty one rising and prominent artists and designers from the Carpenters Workshop Gallery roster have been invited to create a dialogue between the stunning architecture of Ca’d’Oro, its impressive collection of Italian masters and the best of contemporary collectible design. 

Delve into their unique stories and previous works here 

About Carpenters Workshop Gallery

From Functional Art to Collectible Design, today Carpenters Workshop Gallery produces and exhibits functional sculptures by international rising and established artists or designers going outside their traditional territories of expression. Actively involved in the research and production of limited edition works, the gallery’s choices are guided by seeking an emotional, artistic and historical relevance and breaking boundaries between art and design.

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La Biennale

One of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world, The Venice Biennale, dates back to 1895 and remains a famed annual, artistic event. La Biennale di Venezia stands at the forefront of research and promotion of new contemporary art trends, organises exhibitions and research in all its specific sectors including : Arts, Architecture, Cinema, Dance, Music and Theatre. During The Venice Biennale, the Ca ‘d Oro Palazzo, an exceptional example of Venetian Gothic style, will be reinvented by Carpenters Workshop Gallery’s artists, in a unique collaboration with Lombard Odier Group.

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About Lombard Odier

A history that spans more than two-centuries is only possible through sustained innovation. The boldness of Lombard Odier’s founders started it all. Through prosperity and crisis, they dared to innovate, explored new territories, preserved their clients’ wealth and developed best-in-class technology. As a responsible Firm, they believe that the sustainability is the future of long-term prosperity and their ability to rethink everything keeps them at the forefront of the industry. They look to their past, in order to build their present with a vision of what the Bank of Tomorrow will mean in the future for their clients.

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Previous Works

Offering compelling insight into contemporary art and design, the seventeen artists, in their individual ways, seek to discover and create something new with their work.  By playing with form, texture, materials and construction and deliberately blurring the lines between art and design, their pieces spark curiosity, foster debates and inspire. Find out more about their transformative work, their history and see previous exhibited collections. 

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