As DYSFUNCTIONAL seeks to question the concepts of, and relationships between, art, design and function, the exhibition thoroughly embodies Lombard Odier’s “Rethink Everything” philosophy. Aptly taking place during the Venice Biennale 2019, the exhibition will bring together the past, present and the future and this, in turn, highlights the need to tackle the sustainable challenges that Venice itself is facing today.  This collaboration between Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Lombard Odier thus represents a true meeting of minds. Watch the Rethink Everything philosophy video here

Such a heritage, cultivated over seven generations and through 40 financial crises, only endures with a flexible and an innovative approach to the world. Lombard Odier has applied imagination and innovation to craft new perspectives that are informed by the past, in dialogue with the present, and anticipative of the future.

In a world defined by change, stability cannot be attained unless one becomes comfortable with continuous, yet considered, evolution. Through its philosophy of constantly rethinking everything, Lombard Odier has embedded this approach into its very essence, ensuring that present and future generations will practice in ways that protect the bank’s legacy and those of its clients.

Lombard Odier apply this philosophy to the most essential question of our time—how do we rethink investing to orient humanity towards a sustainable future? Lombard Odier call this “The Sustainability Revolution.” The firm have embarked on a profound transformation of their investment strategies and portfolio construction in order to position sustainability at its very heart. The company has been recognised for its corporate sustainability practices from leading global sustainability non-profit B Lab by being certified B Corp, primus inter pares. Furthermore, through a series of provocative adverts and challenging essays, Lombard Odier examines crucial topics such as climate change, artificial intelligence, big data and education in light of the sustainability question, and considers the vital role of investors in effecting positive change. Discover their sustainability manifesto here.