Introducing DYSFUNCTIONAL: an exhibition by Carpenters Workshop Gallery presented in partnership with Lombard Odier.

Unveiling at Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro Palazzo on Venice’s Grand Canal during Biennale Arte 2019, seventeen gifted artists will create an extraordinary exhibition that will blend art, architecture and design in a singular expression of craftsmanship and emotion.

The works of DYSFUNCTIONAL will commune with the stellar architecture of Galleria Giorgio Franchetti and the masterpieces one can find there, such as San Sebastiano by Andrea Mantegna and Venere allo Specchio by Tiziano. The emergent dialogue will invite viewers to rethink the relationships between form and function, art and design, the historical and the modern. What defines an artwork? Can art be functional? When does design become art? These are the questions posed by the artists behind DYSFUNCTIONAL.

Virgil Abloh’s contribution to the exhibition will be a collection of functional sculptures inspired by the lagoons and acqua alta (“high tide”) of Venice. Meanwhile, Nacho Carbonell will transform the Monumental Courtyard’s 15th-century mosaics into an ethereal forest of light through a series of arboreal sculptures, referencing both the erstwhile adornments of the palazzo’s façade and the quatrefoil decorations of ‘the golden house’ windows. Other established and rising artists selected by Carpenters Workshop include Atelier Van Lieshout, Studio Drift, Maarten Baas, Vincent Dubourg and the Verhoeven Twins.

“Rethink Everything” is the philosophy that has enabled Lombard Odier to serve its clients for over two centuries. As DYSFUNCTIONAL seeks to interrogate everyday conceptions of art, design and function, this collaboration between Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Lombard Odier is truly a meeting of minds and purpose.