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Carpenters Workshop Gallery And Swiss Bank Lombard Odier Partner For The Venice Biennale

Rethink art, function, time, design and sustainability with DYSFUNCTIONAL. Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Lombard Odier revealed the success of their partnership last week at the opening of the Venice Biennale. Read Forbes write up which gives the reader a glimpse of this special exhibition where the visitor is invited to challenge their perception of art and design in the floors of the Ca d’Oro.

The Verhoeven Twins will tell you a story with their art. “You get back to fantasy”, they say. By focusing on positivity and on what brings them joy, they capture a moment of innocence into one design, one product. Using natural elements as a source of inspiration, the Twins’ “magical realism” pushes the boundaries of art. Find out more on their philosophy and technique, and discover how they fuse fantasy, joy and expertise into effortless, unique pieces of art.

Virgil Abloh’s furniture collection aims to raise awareness on climate change. Wallpaper magazine offers a preview of the artist’s work for the DYSFUNCTIONAL exhibition at the Ca’d’Oro, during the Venice Biennale. Abloh explains that his inspiration came from Venice itself. He reflected on the growing issue of “aqua alta” (high water) in Venice. “With growing concerns about climate change, design is a powerful vehicle to explain that message to a broader public. Anyone can understand a chair”, shares the artist.

Lombard Odier and Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Innovative Partnership at Venice Biennale

Welcome to DYSFUNCTIONAL. Discover the 22 internationally acclaimed artists’ work inspired by the Ca’d’Oro palazzo. Sustainability plays an important role for this exhibition with pieces calling the visitor’s attention to the issues of rising sea levels and plastic pollution. From a flower made light installation to a 128 interactive mirror exhibit, go through a thought-provoking journey into the artists’ interpretation of nature, innovation, history, time and sustainability. With DYSFUNCTIONAL, we take you to a unique experience into Venice’s finest architecture setting, the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti.

When landscape is the object: Frederik Molenschot's lighting designs leave large impressions

Amsterdam-based artist and designer Frederik Molenschot is all about attracting the imagination of the viewer, challenging the status quo and playing with the relationship between art, architecture, design and texture. Renowned for the scale of his work, he constantly reimagines structures and shapes.

Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn came together to create Studio Drift uniting their creative skills. They push the boundaries of art by bringing together technology and nature. Find out more here on how a simple flower shapes their work.  

Meet Nacho Carbonell, one of the 17 artists of Dysfunctional, an exhibition brought together by Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Lombard Odier. This Spanish artist based in the Netherlands creates everything with his hands and uses items he finds around his atelier. This sustainable approach to art lies also in the forms his works take, inspired by the nature around him.

A true meeting of minds – Lombard Odier and the Carpenters Workshop Gallery founders, Julien Lombrail and Loïc Le Gaillard

How did Carpenters Workshop Gallery come into being? Julien Lombrail and Loïc Le Gaillard, friends and design lovers, always aspired to be at the forefront of art, architecture and design by nourishing and establishing ground-breaking artists. Discover the story behind their success