Frederik Molenschot is a Dutch artist and designer. He founded Studio Molen in 2005 and works alongside a talented team of artists and designers. Studio Molen is known for its monumental bronze light sculptures which are evocative of city lights and the night sky. For his Citylight chandeliers, Molenschot drew on the shapes and colours of the buzzing Shanghai cityscape. Possessing a deep interest in the artificial and natural elements of our surroundings, Molenschot transports the viewer’s senses to a new level. His approach is all-encompassing, and he is fascinated by the way that we interact with and use public space. Each of his pieces is fashioned by hand, and the studio works on projects from public art commissions to restaurant interiors and design concepts for buildings.

Works of Art

Citylight Black Avenue

Citylight Chandelier

Huys Lighting