Maarten Baas is a Dutch designer whose works Smoke, Clay, and Real Time led to instant worldwide recognition. In 2009, he was named ‘Designer of the Year’ at Design Basel/Miami, the youngest designer to receive the accolade. In 2012, The New York Times listed Smoke and Clay in its ‘Top 25 Design Classics of the Future’. In 2016, he was commissioned to produce a clock for Schipol airport in the Netherlands. Today, Baas is considered one of the most influential artist-designers of the early 21st century whose unique works embody conceptual art, craftsmanship, installation, public space and performance. His rebellious, intellectual, theatrical and artistic style sets him apart in both the design and artistic fields.


Real Time XL

Works of Art

Grandfather Clock Brass

Carapace Cupboard Bronze with Bar and Fridge

Close Parity Open Cabinet