Mathieu Lehanneur is a French designer at the forefront of the international design scene. His multi-disciplinary approach to creativity encompasses product design, architecture, craftsmanship, science and technology. For his 50 Seas exhibition at Christie’s in Paris, Lehanneur created 50 ceramic disks, each replicating the surface of the sea and painted in colours taken from images of seas around the world. Using 3-D modelling technology adapted from CGI, Lehanneur perfectly captured the liquidity of the ocean’s surface. Lehanneur was named one of the top 100 designers and influencers in the world by Wallpaper and Surface magazines and has undertaken a number of high-profile collaborations with brands such as Nike, Kenzo, Sony and Cartier.


Ocean Memories Acqua Alta Series

Ocean Memories Acqua Alta Series

Ocean Memories Acqua Alta StoolCE

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Ocean Memories Bench

Les Cordes 9T